Stall number 119 of 47th International Kolkata Book Fair is enriched with 25 photographs which is taken by Anupam Halder

25 Photographs of Anupam Halder

On the second day of the 47th International Kolkata Book Fair, on Friday, 19th January, the stall of the ‘Dure Kothao Publication’ (Stall 119) was inaugurated. Anupam Halder, a photographer and joint commissioner of the West Bengal government’s finance department, officially inaugurated the book stall.

In this context, Anupam Halder said, ‘Printed books cannot be ignored even in the digital era. Because the passion of book lovers around books will not decrease. I think book lovers come to the book fair every year with that emotion. And this year’s book fair is also special to me because, in addition to the books of the geniuses, the 25 photographs displayed at stall number 119 were taken by my camera.’

It may be noted that ‘Dure Kothao Publication’ has been participating in the ‘International Kolkata Book Fair’ since 2018. Publisher and editor Arindam Bhattacharya said, ‘We have published 11 new books and a total of 62 books have been published on the occasion of the International Kolkata Book Fair.’   

The ‘Dure Kothao Publication’ stall has a variety of books from their own publications.

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