Rallis India Recognized For Prioritizing Exemplary CSR Initiatives Integral To Its Business

CSR Initiatives

Kolkata : Rallis India Limited, a Tata enterprise and leading player in the Indian agri inputs industry, has once again proven its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with its impactful initiatives benefiting communities and the environment. Recently, Rallis India’s outstanding water management program – ‘Jal Dhan’ for Indian farmers clinched the coveted ‘Best ESG Performance in Water Conservation’ at Transformance Group’s esteemed 4th Annual ESG Summit and Awards 2023. This recognition highlighted Rallis India’s dedication to fostering sustainable practices and making a tangible difference.

Moreover, the organization’s efforts in community development, particularly for farmers and youth, have garnered further acclaim, including the Tata Affirmative Action Program Recognition for Significant Adoption. Rallis India’s consistent contributions to natural resource management, sustainable development, and skill enhancement have earned it numerous prestigious awards over the years, solidifying its reputation as a leader in CSR initiatives.

Speaking on Rallis India’s commitment towards sustainable community development, Sanjiv Lal, MD & CEO of Rallis India Limited, said, ‘Rallis is deeply rooted in its values, which are fundamental to our vision of contributing to a brighter tomorrow. Our commitment to sustainability and communities is more than just a responsibility; it is an integral part of our business ethos, propelling us to make a significant impact on society and the environment.’

S. Nagarajan, Chief Operating Officer of Rallis India Limited, said, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just an initiative.   Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility defines us, and we welcome the opportunity to have a positive impact by incorporating positive actions into every aspect of our operations.’

In a view to create a stronger future for India, Rallis Ujwal Bhavishya Yojana (RUBY), an impactful initiative by Rallis India was introduced to enable access to quality school education for all children and with an aim to make them responsible, caring and productive citizens. The organization has also been lauded for its volunteering efforts at the Tata Group Volunteering Conference (VOLCON) hosted by Tata Sustainability Group (TSG).

Through its creative corporate social responsibility programmes and environment friendly business methods, Rallis India consistently demonstrates its steadfast dedication to making a beneficial influence on society and the environment.

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