The first Smart ICU in Kolkata and Eastern India has started at Salt Lake’s HP Ghosh Hospital

Smart ICU in Kolkata and Eastern India has started at Salt Lake's HP Ghosh Hospital

Now Intensive Care Unit (ICU) will be paired with smart phones. In spite of diagnosing critically ill patients by visiting them in person, if require instantly doctors may be able to learn about the patient’s physical condition securely over the phone. If necessary, arrangements may be made immediately, it will be much easier to stabilize the patient. The first Smart ICU in Kolkata and Eastern India has started at Salt Lake’s HP Ghosh Hospital. 

Somnath Bhattacharya, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, has said that due to the continues care of specialist doctors, the risk of death for complex patients will decrease by almost 40%. This leading hospital of the Eastern India Heart Care and Research Foundation, which uses the most modern technology in Kolkata and Eastern India first, has promised to provide the best treatment to common people.  This Smart ICU will be supervised by Dr. Hirak Bhattacharya and Dr. Trinanjana Sarengi, the renowned critical care specialists.

Dr. Hirak Bhattacharya has said that critical care is called for doctors to combat emergencies to save the lives of critically ill patients. If any major organ’s function is temporarily impaired due to a critical illness, the patient is kept in the Critical Care Unit. 

Dr. Trinanjana Sarengi has said that often even if the patient’s condition is not very critical, the patient is kept in the ICU for immediate management of emergencies after major surgeries such as bypass surgery, organ transplant, etc. The condition of critically ill patients is closely monitored. 

The main goal of Smart ICU is to use advanced technology to monitor patients’ conditions remotely. When patient’s condition deteriorates, special alarms will alert to the Doctors and nurses, on duty in the ICU, as well as senior consultants instantly. At the same time, the attending doctor will be able to see the patient’s ongoing parameters and test reports on the mobile. Even if the doctor is not present at the bedside, they can instruct the resident doctor over the phone. The patient will benefit from prompt treatment. Smart ICU is capable of increasing the overall health rate of patients in many cases. In the first phase, the smart ICU is started with 43 beds.

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