Photographer Anupam Halder to be awarded at ‘Banga Purush Samman 2024’ on April 28

Photographer Anupam Halder to be awarded at 'Banga Purush Samman 2024' on April 28

The name Anupam Halder is popular now. He is a WBCS officer by profession. But he loves photography. He has already gained popularity as a photographer.

Anupam Halder has captured numerous pictures with his camera for 10 years. Nature and human nature come alive through his camera. Those photographs have been exhibited in various exhibitions in India and have received countless appreciations.

Charukala Parishad, Government of West Bengal has adopted Anupam’s photographs. Also, he has exhibited his photographs many times at Art Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, Birla Academy of Art Gallery and Art Gallery of Subhaprasanna. Of course, Anupam Halder’s photographs have been exhibited not only in West Bengal, but also in art galleries in various states of India.

Anupam’s participation in the National Academy of Photography (NAP) event on the 19th World Photography Day 2023, added another feather to his crown of success.

Anupam Halder’s photographs have been featured in Lalit Kala Akademi, 63rd National Photo Exhibition, New Delhi, Manikarnika Art Gallery, 132nd All India Art Exhibition of The Mom Art Society, 55th Annual Exhibition and Calcutta Journalist Club National Photo Exhibition. Recently, some of Anupam’s photographs have also been exhibited at the Jahangir Art Gallery in Mumbai.

Anupam Halder’s long hard work and talent is about to be recognized. The prestigious ‘Banga Purush Samman 2024’ is going to be held at ICCR on 28th April and eminent photographer Anupam Halder is going to be awarded on this occasion.

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