The drama ‘Shilar Jinnat’ was staged under the direction of Nigel Akkara

The drama 'Shilar Jinnat' was staged under the direction of Nigel Akkara

‘Kolahal Theater Workshop’ produced the play ‘Shilar Jinnat’ at Rabindra Sadan Theatre. This is the eighth production of this theater company. After the play, the book of this play was officially released. Then another short play ‘Urukku Manush’ was staged. 

 The subject of ‘Urukku people’ is rehabilitation. This play is dedicated to autistic and mentally challenged children. Four autistic children also acted in the play.

The book ‘Shilar Jinnat’ was officially released by eminent poet Subodh Sarkar. Besides, many other eminent people were present in this event. The main theme of ‘Shilar Jinnat’ is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ in Sanskrit. Which means–people of the whole world are one family.

The play ‘Shilar Jinnat’ revolves around Ismail, who is a potter. Clay sculpture is the greatest art for him. His small family consists of elder sister Asma and niece Muskan. 

Before the puja, Ismail’s world suddenly turns upside down when he realizes that he is unable to shape any clay idol. The way to provide food to the mouths of family members is suddenly stopped. A distraught Ismail then begins to have strange visions, which take him to an unknown world. But is that field really unknown or does it bear a close connection with its past? And what role does fragrance play in all this?

‘Shilar Jinnaat’ actually establishes a connection between the past and the present, which combines the surreal and the real. Also, it highlights the fact that ‘an artist has no caste’.

The drama ‘Shilar Jinnat’ was directed by Nigel Akkara and ‘Urukku Manush’ was directed by Tanmoy Ghosh. The drama ‘Shilar Jinnat’ is written by Sarbani Ghosh Basu. Music directed by Prajna Dutta. Choreography by Sayantani Mukherjee. Ambarish Das was in stage planning. Soumen Chakraborty in lighting. Bandhan is mixed in sound design. Ashif Iqbal, Sayantani Mukhopadhyay, Sarbani Ghosh Bose, Upasana Bar, Ambarish Das and Sanju Das acted in various roles in this drama.

Through a press release, Nigel Akkara said, ‘The aim of ‘Kolahal Theater Workshop’ is to develop people in various ways. This organization continues to try to solve social problems through drama therapy. ‘Kolahal Theater Workshop’ has already worked with LGBTQ people and is doing various things for the development of female sex workers, drug addicts and autistic children in Kolkata.’

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