The trailer of Samik Roy Choudhury’s film ‘Beline’ has been officially launched

The trailer of Samik Roy Choudhury's film 'Beline' has been officially launched

The trailer of the film ‘Beline’ was launched at an elite restaurant in the Park Street area. The film’s actors were present in addition to the director and producer at this trailer launch event.

The film ‘Beline’ was directed by Samik Roy Chowdhury. The film is wrapped in mystery-thriller. An old man lived a simple life. Apart from eating, sleeping, playing indoor games and walking around, the rest of his time was spent watching TV serials. When he was in a cheerful mood, he kept his eye on the maid of the house. The simple life of the old man was carried on with a little fun and mischief. But a phone call changed everything in the old man’s ordinary life.

An unknown young girl mistakenly calls the old man’s landline. The old man was annoyed at first but he entered into the young girl’s personal life with his words. The telephonic exchange continued. The old man also becomes an important character in the mysterious life story of the young girl and her live-in partner. The surprise begins!

Paran Banerjee has played the role of the old man in Samik’s ‘Beline’ film. Paran Banerjee has said that, he has never acted in such a role before. Shreya Bhattacharya has played the role of the young girl. Shreya was earlier seen in the films ‘Jyeshtaputra’, ‘Sanjhbati’ and the web series ‘Chemistry Maasi’. And apart from Paran Banerjee and Shreya Bhattacharya, ‘Beline’ stars RJ Sayan, Tathagata Mukhopadhyay and others.

This one hour and forty minutes film is presented by ‘Drishtishree Arts Private Limited’. Produced by Harit Ratna and Manisha Ratna. The producer, director and crew of the film are all very optimistic about the success of ‘Beline’.

The story, screenplay and dialogues of this film are written by the director Samik Roy Chowdhury. Cinematographer Supriya Dutta. Art Director Tapan Seth. Colorist Prosenjit Banerjee. Edited by Songlap Bhowmik. Music directed by Tamal Kanti Halder. It has been informed at the trailer launch event that the film ‘Beline’ will be released on March 29, 2024.

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