The Mahapujo is going to be held at the temple premises of Kali Maa located at Chatu Babur Ghat in Salkia

The Mahapujo is going to be held at the temple premises of Kali Maa located at Chatu Babur Ghat in Salkia

The Mahapuja is going to be held at Dakshina Kali Maa temple premises at Chhatu Babur Ghat in Salkia on Monday 8th April, 2024 on Chaitra Madhu Amavasya Tithi. On the occasion of 40th anniversary of the establishment of the temple, puja and public service will be held throughout the day in great pomp. Temple founder and Sevayit Ashtam Kumar Chakraborty recently invited the devotees of Kali Maa.

Another devotee of Kali Maa and astrologer Dr. Neeladri Narayan Basu recently told the media that starting from 5 am on Monday, April 8, 2024 the Vedic home yagyan will be held for the welfare of the devotees, starting with Maa Mangal Aarti. After that morning music, Chandi Path, Bhog Aarti, Nara-Narayana Seva, Brahmin Baran, Discussion, Pushpanjali, Prasad Bitran and Puja Path etc. will continue throughout the day.

Sevayit Ashtam Kumar Chakraborty and one of the organizers (astrologer) Dr Niladri Narayan Bose have requested those who wish to attend this Mahapuja they can reach to the temple premises in Chatubabur Ghat area without hesitation on April 8. Take auto or bus from Howrah and get down at the Ramsita Mandir stop on Salkiya School Road. Chatubabur Ghat and Kali Temple are located there.

However, Sevayit Ashtam Kumar Chakraborty narrated the story of the establishment of this temple to the devotees. He said that there was a time when the area adjacent to Chatubabu Ghat in Salkiar School Road area of Howrah was untidy and surrounded by bushes. People also used to defecate there. And this impurity could not be accepted by Pujari and the sensitive person Ashtam Kumar Chakraborty.  He adopted a strategy to keep the place clean. He started planting trees by removing bushes. No, he didn’t stop there. Because, not only cleanliness, he wanted to make the place holy. And from this thought he established the statue of Dakshina Kali Maa at that place. 

It was the 90s when the statue of Kali Maa was established. But then a lot of water flowed through the Ganges. Time moves at its own pace. Ashtam Kumar Chakraborty also established a small temple at Chatubabu Ghat centered around the idol of Goddess Dakshina Kali. And now the devotees are increasing every day in that temple premises. But now Ashtam Kumar Chakraborty is no longer alone.

He also got another devotee of Kali Maa, Dr. Niladri Narayan Basu. He is an astrologer by profession and head of ‘Sri Ganesh Jyotish Kendra’. And now Sevayit Ashtam Kumar Chakraborty is doing public service as the principal of that ‘Sri Ganesh Jyotish Kendra’.

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