The grand opening of the new fashion store ‘Ravinik’ was held in Kolkata’s VIP Bazaar area.

RAVINIK' - New Fashion Store grand opening at Kolkata

Kolkata witnessed the launch of a new fashion store at Saroda Pally, VIP Bazar, EM Bypass, Kolkata. Nishant Singh is the RAVINIK’s Co-founder behind this new fashion store. A new range of collections starting from trending fashion to Ethnic collections are available. The store will be catering to all kinds of occasional wears. His new store ‘RAVINIK’ focuses in Indian ethnic and style with a touch of modern trends.

The store is splendidly designed in a way that customers can easily find their preferred styles with ease. Dresses have been showcased section wise. If someone wants to see party wear clothes, then there’s a different corner which is completely dedicated for casual party wears. Just like that if someone wants to wear casual dresses, then there’s a whole different section for that. There’s a different section for men’s and women’s wear, where pure ethnic clothes are available in different styles. The store is located on the ground floor. Inside the outlet, shoppers can browse a wide selection of ready to wear including Shirt, T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Knitted Wears and Kurtas. The store promises to be one of the best fashion destination in Kolkata. The store is well decorated. Simple yet properly decoration has been done on the store. Interior design of the shop has been given well attention. Clothes has been showcased section wise. There are also people that has been kept to assist the customers in choosing their styles.

‘RAVINIK’s Co-founder Nishant Singh said, ‘We are excited to announce our new RAVINIK store in Kolkata, located at Saroda Pally, VIP Bazar, EM Bypass, Kolkata, come discover our exceptional service and exquisite designs.’

RAVINIK was established in July 2023. RAVINIK’s products are different from others primarily because of personal preferences, cultural influences, societal norms, fashion trends and individual styles. People choose their clothing based on various factors such as comfort, functionality, occasion, personal taste, and budget. Additionally, clothing choices can also reflect one’s identity, profession, beliefs, and lifestyle, further contributing to the diversity in how people dress.

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