Samir K Modi Culminates Historic ‘Atoot Bandhan, Rishta Dil Ka’ Road show, Celebrating Modicare’s Success

Samir K Modi Culminates Historic 'Atoot Bandhan, Rishta Dil Ka' Road show

Modicare Limited, one of India’s leading direct selling companies recently concluded its grand roadshow ‘Atoot Bandhan, Rishta Dil Ka’, flagged off by Samir K Modi in Bhubaneswar on 18th March 2024. This historic journey covered over 600 kilometres and 10 cities in Odisha and West Bengal over 4 days, marking a significant milestone in Modicare’s journey. First of its kind in the direct selling industry, this road show epitomized Modicare’s commitment to celebrating success, freedom and Atoot Bandhan with its Modicare Parivaar, uniting over 15,000 consultants.

Led by Samir K Modi, the roadshow covered the cities of Bhubaneswar, Jaraka, Bhadrak, Soro, Balasore, Jaleswar, Contai, Tamluk, Kolaghat and finally culminated in Kolkata. West Bengal holds the distinction of being one of the oldest markets for Modicare, reflecting a profound connection between the company and its consultants. Backed by a growing consultant base and a strong product portfolio, West Bengal is the number two market for the company. Its remarkable growth underscores its pivotal role in Modicare’s success story. The company has made rapid strides in the state and today has 5500 Distribution Points and Modicare Home Shops, driving its steadfast promise of Azadi for every household.

Samir K Modi, Founder and Managing Director, Modicare Limited said, ‘For our 28th Anniversary this March, I connected with my Modicare Parivaar covering the deepest corners of Bharat through my Atoot Bandhan Rishta Dil Ka Roadshow. I flagged off this road show from Bhubaneswar on 18th March and culminated it in Kolkata on 21st March 2024. In the last 4 days, we covered over 600 kms, did 15 events in Odisha and West Bengal and met over 15000 Modicare consultants. It has been an amazing trip for me, where I have been able to meet and connect with my Modicare Parivaar, to reaffirm to them that I will not rest till I have done all I can to make their dreams come true. It has been an emotional trip for me and I am thankful for the overwhelming love and affection I have received in these 4 days.

It is all due to the dedication and commitment of our consultants that Odisha and West Bengal are among our top markets. Both these markets are also amongst our oldest and have been very close to my heart.’

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