Kankanala Sports Group Launches INDE Racing, India’s First Global Independent Motorsport Team 

Kankanala Sports Group

Kankanala Sports Group (KSG) signed an exclusive nine-year partnership with FIM e-xplorer to oversee races in India, KSG is excited to announce INDE Racing as a new team for the 2024 FIM E-Xplorer season.

This announcement marks India’s first FIM-licensed team in history which also means that it is the first Indian team to compete in any officially-sanctioned international competition. 

INDE Racing is set to participate in every round of Season 2, spanning from February to November, traversing the challenging tracks in Japan, Norway, France, Switzerland, and culminating in a triumphant homecoming to India.  

Abhishek Reddy Kankanala, the founder of Kankanala Sports Group and INDE Racing, said, ‘Despite the growing interest in motorsports in India, we have always missed a competitive independent team to cheer for. With the launch of INDE Racing, we aim to break new grounds in Indian motorsports, not only on the racetrack but also in promoting sustainability, gender equality and the spirit of innovation.’

‘By establishing India’s first global motorsports team, we want to inspire a new generation of Indian riders and showcase the nation’s prowess in the world of racing.’   

INDE Racing’s resolute pursuit of victory is evident in its meticulously assembled team, celebrating the very best of both Indian and international talents.  

The team’s lineup will feature Indian trailblazer, Aishwarya Pissay, Asia’s first female athlete to win a world championship in 2-wheel motorsport. Pissay is poised to represent her homeland across the globe and challenge for another World Title. 

‘It’s truly exciting to be part of India’s first FIM-licensed team in history. Being able to be part of a project aiming to represent all Indians worldwide and make them proud is a unique opportunity’, said Aishwarya Pissay

Accompanying her are two seasoned international riders, including Canadian rider Spenser Wilton and Spanish rider Sandra Gomez, the reigning champion of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup.  

‘Winning last season was fantastic and now taking on the opportunity to potentially repeat that with this new team in the competition is exciting. Also, I’m thrilled to be part of a project and a team championing gender equality in India and that is also trying to grow motorsports in a country with unparalleled potential’, punctuated Sandra Gomez

Nevertheless, the team is still looking for a competitive Indian male rider to complete a roster aimed to raise India to the top.  

Carina Munte, FIM E-Xplorer Co-Founder, added, ‘We are thrilled to welcome INDE Racing to our Championship in 2024. Having a pioneering motorsport team from India onboard spotlights how E-Xplorer is pushing boundaries across the globe. Their presence promises to be a significant driver of enthusiasm for a strong Indian fan base and will act as a catalyst for the promotion of e-mobility and electric motorsport worldwide.’  

To master the demanding courses and elevate their performance, INDE Racing has collaborated with KTM34 garage, situated in Europe’s largest Moto complex in Mauguio’s Motopark in France. This partnership ensures that the team’s bikes are professionally tuned, delivering the maximum performance capability. 

As INDE Racing prepares to join the global racing scene, it stands as a testament to India’s rising prominence in the world of sports. 

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