Easy Note Stationary Pvt. Ltd. organized a unique event of managing stress through rhythmic interventions

rhythmic interventions

Rhythmic intervention is a unique approach to stress management that harnesses the power of music and movement. It involves engaging in rhythmic activities such as drumming, dancing, and chanting to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. This concept recognizes the inherent connection between our bodies, minds, and emotions and utilizes the rhythmic patterns to bring balance and harmony to our overall well-being.

To promote stress management and well-being, Shaleni S. Biswas MD of Easy Note Stationary Pvt. Ltd. organized a unique event at Galaxy, The Park hotel, Kolkata, centered around rhythmic interventions which took place in the presence of esteemed individuals. The event was featured by a drumming session led by Swapath Yatri, a Renowned Rhythmic Facilitator from Rhythm Moves World.

Some of the eminent personalities who engaged in a drumming session included the following:  Mr. Zha Liyou, The Consul General of the People’s Republic of China to Kolkata, Mr. Rupak Barua, CEO of the AMRI Hospitals, Mr. Rana Dasgupta, CEO of Apollo Hospitals Groups, Dr. Rupali Basu, MD and CEO, Woodlands Multispecialty Hospital, Mr. Prasant Sharma, MD, Charnock Hospital, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, Co-founder and MD, Century Ply,  eminent danseuse, Ms. Alokananda Roy & Mr. Debashis Dutta, Director of Mohun Bagan with Swapath Yatri, Rhythmic Facilitator of Rhythm Moves World.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Shaleni S. Biswas MD of Easy Note Stationary Pvt. Ltd said, ‘The drumming session, known for its therapeutic benefits, aims to provide a platform for individuals to alleviate stress and enhance their overall well-being. I am thrilled to have organized this event for so many individuals to show them firsthand how to elevate stress and enhance their overall well being. Rhythmic intervention has been proven to reduce anxiety, improve focus and this event serves as an opportunity for the participants to experience the positive effects of rhythmic intervention firsthand promote relaxation.’

Dr. Rupali Basu, MD and CEO of Woodland Multispecialty Hospital mentioned, ‘By engaging in this interactive drumming session, I have personally experienced this stress management technique and its importance towards enhancing our mental and emotional well being.’

Mr. Rupak Barua observed, ‘I appreciate the effort which Ms Shaleni S Biswas has put into creating this novel event and bringing us all together to experience something magical. I thoroughly enjoyed the drumming session and believe that it is a great stress-buster.’

Mr. Swapath Yatrt said, ‘So, we were very happy that they were ready to receive this program in a very cheerful way. They were all, went back to their childhood and they played it well. 45 minutes the program went and they drummed and danced, they forgot their age, gender, and classes. And they became one, united, over the rhythm and looking forward to multiple opponents coming multiple times to Kolkata. We are in love with this city.’

Ms. Ekavali Khanna stated, ‘I think it was great. It was just a lot of fun and the energy was synchronized and people were enjoying it by being themselves without any inhibitions.’

Ms. Niloufer Clement said, ‘It was a productive session and a unique way to relieve our stress, anxieties which we generally try to ignore. I appreciate the endeavor of Ms Shaleni S Biswas in organizing such a pertinent thing so much needed by many of us.’

Ms. Preeyam Budhia said, ‘This was a special experience by bonding with each other as a group. This is measure is technically known as drummer circle. I’ve done this experience before as well and this process basally helps people to relax and let go all anxieties and stress in a unique way.’

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