Godrej Security Solutions Redefines Stress Free Travel with NX Advanced Lockers

Godrej Security Solutions launches "Secure Your Home While You Roam" ahead of Travel Season~

Godrej Security Solutions, a division of Godrej & Boyce, a pioneer in home security, is proud to unveil its innovation: the NX Advanced locker range. This cutting-edge series is set to transform the landscape of home security, providing unparalleled protection and a new level of peace of mind for homeowners.

The NX Advanced lockers feature a state-of-the-art triple locking mechanism, combining digital, biometric, and mechanical locks to ensure secure access for users of all ages. These lockers boast a range of innovative features, including an inbuilt ibuzz alarm for intrusion alerts, voice-based acknowledgments for user convenience, a low battery indicator, master password capability and a mechanical override key. With this advanced technology, users can enjoy stress-free holidays knowing their valuables are safe and secure.

Pushkar Gokhale, Executive Vice President and Business Head, Godrej Security Solutions said, ‘Godrej Security Solutions stands as a trusted guardian for households across India, ensuring security for generations to come. With our new campaign, we aim to empower individuals to make informed decisions, alleviating travel anxieties that will enable them to travel worry-free. Our NX Advanced lockers is progress thinking approach. At Godrej Security Solutions, we’re always thinking ahead and dedicated to enhancing customer lives through innovation thus securing their happiness.’  

The campaign, designed to be an ever-present fixture, recognizes the perpetual nature of travel planning among Indian households. With travel becoming a year-round pursuit, the messaging of ‘Secure Your Home While You Roam’ remains relevant regardless of the season.

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