‘Dure Kothao Publication’ launched several books through eminent persons at SBI Auditorium of 47th International Kolkata Book Fair

launched several books

Like every year, this year too, ‘Dure Kothao Publication’ has a stall at the 47th International Kolkata Book Fair. The publication announced the launch of some new books at the beginning of the book fair. As usual, a bunch of books of ‘Dure Kothao Publication’ was launched at the SBI Auditorium of the book fair on Monday, January 29.

New books are launched by ‘Dure Kothao Publication’ through dignitaries. These books were officially launched by Anupam Halder, Joint Commissioner, Finance Department, Government of West Bengal, Sudhanshu Shekhar Dey, President of Book Fair Guild and Head of Day’s Publications and Sanjay Bishwas, ‘Bhooter Bhabisyat’ fame actor.

Arindam Bhattacharya, on behalf of ‘Dure Kothao Publication’, said, ‘We have published 11 new books in the book fair this year. The number of book releases may increase next year.

Two more guests were the center of attraction at today’s book release. One of the guests was Sangeeta Midda, a member of the blind national women’s football team. Sangeeta will go to Japan tomorrow to represent India. Guinness Book of World Records holder Vrajishnu Bhattacharya was also present as a guest at the book launch event.

Vrajishnu Bhattacharya is a resident of Kapasdanga Shivatala in Chunchura. Vrajishnu‘s father Dilip Bhattacharya and mother Kakali Bhattacharya said today, ‘Vrajishnu can recognize the maps of different countries of the world from the age of one and a half years. Not only that, Vrajishnu has walked one and a half kilometers on his feet and has already impressed everyone.’

Vrajishnu was present at the book launch today and captivated the audience by reciting verses from different chapters of Gita and Saraswati hymns. In this context, Vrajishnu‘s parents said that the ‘Olympiad‘ certificate will arrive in a few days in recognition of Vrajishnu‘s talent. 

‘Dure Kothao Publication’ felicitated Sangeetha Midda and Vrajishnu Bhattacharya at SBI Auditorium today. Apart from them, Gautam Dey, Secretary of Blind Women Football Association, was also felicitated at the book launch event by ‘Dure Kothao Publication’.

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