Communist government gave poverty, hunger and weapons in the hands of youth while Modi government gave laptops in the hands of youth: Amit Shah

Modi government gave laptops in the hands of youth: Amit Shah

Kolkata: Amidst the excitement of Lok Sabha elections, Union Home and Cooperation Minister and senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Amit Shah is holding public meetings and road shows. Shah has entered the field with full preparation to ensure the victory of Bharatiya Janata Party and make Modi ji the Prime Minister for the third time. In this connection, while addressing a huge public meeting at the East Lok Sabha seat of Tripura, Amit Shah clarified that, ‘The Communist government has always given the people of Tripura poverty, hunger and weapons in the hands of the youth, whereas the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Narendra Modi government has given laptops in the hands of these youth.

History is witness to the fact that wherever communist governments were in power, they only created poverty, starvation, deteriorating health system and lack of education. On the other hand, poverty has been eradicated from the country in the last 10 years under the Modi government. Today, during Amritkaal, every poor is getting free health insurance up to Rs 5 lakh and free ration. A better education environment has been created for the youth.

Under the leadership of Modi and the able guidance of Amit Shah, through more than 10 peace agreements, more than 10,000 youth surrendered and today are included in the mainstream of the society. Recently, in the presence of Amit Shah, who has given a new identity to Indian politics, the Central Government, the Government of Tripura and the King of Tripura have signed an agreement, which will solve every problem of the caste and tribe of Tripura.

The people of the country know that the Modi government has worked for the respect, security and inclusive development of tribals across the country. Whereas, the Congress Party and the Communist government which ruled the country for years never wanted the welfare of the tribals. Modi, who did Antyodaya politics for the first time after independence, honored the tribals by making Draupadi Murmu, a poor tribal daughter of Odisha, the President of the country. Today the Modi government is building a museum in the memory of the tribals who sacrificed everything for the country. Apart from naming the Tripura Airport as Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya, the Modi government has also done the work of installing his statue there. Narendra Modi honored tribal litterateurs and folk writers Benichandra Jamatia and Satyaram Reang with the Padma Award for enhancing the pride and respect of tribals. During the communist government, there used to be only one highway in Tripura, today 9 highways are ready. 

Till 2018, Tripura, the stronghold of the Left, which no one could penetrate for 25 years, was demolished and uprooted by the magical duo of Modi-Shah with the slogan of ‘Chalo Paltai’. Modi magic and Shah factor say that Modi ji is certain to become Prime Minister for the third time by winning more than 400 seats in 2024.

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