BJP govt will be formed for the third time, Modi will again become PM: Amit Shah

BJP govt will be formed for the third time, Modi will again become PM: Amit Shah

New Delhi : Addressing the second day of the BJP‘s national convention at Bharat Mandap in Delhi, Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah said, ‘The country has decided that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will once again be the PM of the country, there is no doubt about it.’

Wherever you go in the world today, people will ask if you are coming from Modi’s India. “In 75 years, this country has seen 17 Lok Sabha elections, 22 governments, and 15 Prime Ministers. Every government in the country has tried to develop in a timely manner, but it can be said today without any confusion that comprehensive development, development of every sector, and development of every individual has only happened in the 10 years of Narendra Modi.’

In his 10-year tenure, Modi has abolished nepotism, casteism, and appeasement and established ‘Politics of Performance’ within the country. He has worked to remove the symbols of slavery from the country. Shah, the Chanakya of Indian politics, said that these actions should have been taken immediately after independence. However, Congress never tried to do so.

‘Just as the Pandavas and Kauravas were divided in two camps in the past. Similarly, today there are two camps. On one side is the NDA coalition under the leadership of Modi, and on the other side is the arrogant coalition of all family-based parties under the leadership of Congress. This arrogant coalition is the supporter of corruption, nepotism, and appeasement politics, while the BJP and NDA coalition are based on the principle of ‘Nation First.’ The foundation of our coalition is ‘Nation First.’ On the other hand, there are parties that are concerned about their own families.’

‘Just as the Congress party committed many scams, similarly, today the Aam Aadmi Party is also escaping from the court after committing scams like the liquor scam and the Mohalla Clinic scam. There has been a Mahadev scam in Chhattisgarh, Lalu Ji is convicted, the entire I.N.D.I Alliance is tainted with corruption. The people of the country must decide whether to give a mandate to Modi or to the I.N.D.I Alliance.’

In addition, Home Minister Amit Shah said, ‘Modi is working for the poor of the country, while parties in the I.N.D.I Alliance are concerned about their own families. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading the country with the goal of a great India, but what is the purpose of the I.N.D.I Alliance in politics?’

Sonia Gandhi‘s goal is to make Rahul Gandhi the PM, Pawar Sahab‘s goal is to make his daughter the CM. Mamata Banerjee’s goal is to make her nephew the CM. Whereas Stalin, Lalu Yadav, Uddhav Thackeray also aim to make their sons the CM. Mulayam Singh Yadav has already made his son the CM. The goal of all these is only to gain power. Will these parties ever think about the welfare of the poor? Never.’

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