A new branch of ‘Indian Coffee House’ has been inaugurated in Ballygunge

A new branch of 'Indian Coffee House' has been inaugurated in Ballygunge

Kolkata’s coffee house means nostalgia. Coffee houses are connected with those who have grown up from childhood to school life to college life and even from adolescence to youth, from youth to old age.

‘Indian Coffee House’ in collaboration with Sahara Queen started their journey on Sunday 5th May. Located near Bijan Setu in Ballygunge, this coffee house is completely glitzy and cool. Anyone would love to have coffee in such a beautiful setting.

Poet Subodh Sarkar, singer Sudeb Dey, Kalyan Sen Bharat, dramatist Neelima Chakraborty and Secretary of Publishers and Book Sellers Guild Sudhanshu Shekhar Dey were present at the opening ceremony of this coffee house on Sunday 5th May, 2024 evening.

Dibyendu Dutta was the host of the event. The Ballygunge branch of ‘Indian Coffee House’ felicitated the invited guests. Achintya Laha, Secretary of ‘Coffee House Social Service Association’, managed the opening ceremony.

Sarfaras Ahmed, secretary of ‘Indian Coffee Workers Cooperative Society Limited’, said, ‘We started this coffee house following the demands of many people in South Kolkata. This coffee house is 1800 sq. ft and can seat 78 people at a time.

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