The Sleep Company launched its second store in Kolkata

The Sleep Company unveils second store in Kolkata

The Sleep Company, Asia’s first and only provider of patented SmartGRID technology for peaceful sleeping and sitting solutions, launched its second store in India in the city of Kolkata.

This achievement comes as the company continues its dedicated nationwide expansion, opening two stores in the city within a remarkable 3-month timeframe. This latest store launch in Topsia is a reflection of the brand’s comprehensive eastern market expansion strategy, with established stores in Bhubaneshwar & Guwahati as well.

With the addition of this store, The Sleep Company now operates 70 stores across the nation, reinforcing its commitment to achieving the milestone of 100+ stores in 2024. The presence of Monica Khosla Bhargava, Founder & Principal Architect, Kham Consultants at the store inauguration further highlights the brand’s dedication to delivering top-quality sleep and sitting solutions.

Kolkata is the third most populous metropolitan area in India, trailing only Delhi and Mumbai. The city also holds a pivotal role as a major gateway into the east of India and with its bustling urban environment.  Recognizing this vital importance of its status and the region’s preference for offline shopping experiences, post the launch of its first store, The Sleep Company‘s new 1200 sq. ft. store in Kolkata offers customers an immersive SmartGRID experience. Visitors can now personally experience the unique ergonomic design and superior comfort of the brand’s extensive product range, including mattresses, pillows, sleep accessories, and SmartGRID chairs.

This launch signifies the brand’s commitment to becoming the leading provider of comfort-tech solutions in eastern India and across the country. As a key contributor to the company’s online & offline sales, Kolkata holds a significant place in The Sleep Company‘s growth story being one of the top 5 contributing cities.

Priyanka Salot, Co-founder of The Sleep Company, commented on the new store launch ‘We are thrilled to bring The Sleep Company’s extraordinary experience to the city of joy, Kolkata. The overwhelming response we have received from the city, evident through our website and first store, has motivated us to expand our physical presence here. As a brand dedicated to revolutionizing sleep and comfort, our SmartGRID technology has received immense appreciation and recognition nationwide. With the inauguration of this new store, we are resolute in our mission to offer Kolkata the utmost comfort-tech solutions through our mattresses, sleep accessories & chairs thus making a positive impact on the sleep quality and overall wellness of each individual. Our consumer base has flourished to over 2 lakh individuals, further strengthened by the inauguration of 60 additional stores across diverse regions in India. This achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide accessible sleep innovation across the expansive country,’

‘A house is a place where you enjoy the comfort of being yourself. As an architect, this experience of fusing personal comfort and functionality within an aesthetic environment is the essence of design in all my projects. If you analyze the various activities one engages in at home, sleeping spans the longest time, approximately eight hours and is what allows us to recharge for the next day. The Sleep Company‘s impressive solutions for this essential human need for relaxation and well-being through their SmartGRID technology represent a significant breakthrough in addressing this demand. With the opening of their new store in Kolkata, I look forward to the positive impact this advanced technology will have on home designs in the city. I am confident that their presence in Kolkata will inspire homeowners to adopt a new benchmark of comfort and design excellence within their homes,’ said Monica Khosla Bhargava, Founder & Principal Architect, Kham Consultants, Kolkata.

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