The music video ‘Fau– The Fuchka Song’ was released yesterday

'Fau - The Fuchka Song'

Apart from Kolkata, Fuchka is found in various parts of India. This delicious food item is known by various names like ‘Fuchka’, ‘Golgappa’, ‘Panipuri’ etc. Not only Bengalis, people of different languages ​​love to eat Fuchka. But the best Fuchka lovers are girls.

Director Dipankar Nag suddenly planned to make a song about this tempting food item Fuchka. After that according to the plan, Dipankar Nag assigned the task of writing songs centered on Fuchka to Soumya Deb Basu. Soumya wrote a beautiful song. Naturally, the word ‘fau’ (meaning ‘extra’) comes in the lyrics of the song written by Soumya. Because, in most of the cases, while eating Fuchka, the buyers ask for an ‘extra’ Fuchka from the Fuchka seller.

However, Soumya Deb Basu wrote about this favorite Fuchka‘Lanka aalu r gandhoraj, Tentul jaler saathe anyo swad, Hok na jato-e sharee ba skirt, Bangali fau na pele Hoye jai hurt’. And this beautiful song is composed by Dipjyoti Dey. Sung by Samidh Mukherjee and Lagnajita Chakraborty. The music album is titled ‘Fau—The Fuchka Song’.

The music video ‘Fau – The Fuchka Song’ was launched yesterday in Gariahat area of ​​Kolkata. It was officially launched by lyricist Soumya Deb Basu, composer Dipjyoti Dey, producer Ramesh Bhandari, music video director Dipankar Nag and two performers of this music video Subhankar Saha and Madhurima Chakraborty.

‘Apart from Subhankar Saha and Madhurima Chakraborty, Soumili Chakraborty and Sanjay Bishwas also acted in the music video’, the director said. 

The music video– ‘Fau – The Fuchka Song’ has been released on FMD Bangla‘s YouTube channel. Presented by FMD Bangla in association with Udita Performing Arts.

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