Oriflame Prioritises India, aims to Empower 1 Million Micro-Entrepreneurs by 2029

Oriflame Prioritises India, aims to Empower 1 Million Micro-Entrepreneurs by 2029

Kolkata : Oriflame, the leading Swedish beauty brand with a global presence, has announced India its being one of the top-priority market. Building on its current success, the premier cosmetic brand aims to on-board 1 million brand partners within the next five years, thereby promoting micro-entrepreneurship and nurturing a dynamic start-up culture across the country. This ambitious target aligns perfectly with India’s growth trajectory and the Government of India’s emphasis on employment generation and self-reliance.

Oriflame is committed to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. By enabling individuals to become brand partners, the brand instils entrepreneurial ethics and empowers the workforce, especially women, by offering the flexibility to design their own work schedules. This approach facilitates the creation of a fulfilling career that prioritizes both social and mental well-being, creating the way towards financial independence.

At the forefront of the ‘Made in India’ and ‘Make in India’ initiatives, Oriflame is actively establishing research and development capabilities within the country to produce products tailored for Indian consumers, infused with Swedish quality and innovation. This approach adheres to global quality standards and European safety regulations while also promoting domestic manufacturing.

Edyta Kurek, Senior Vice President and Head of India and Indonesia, Oriflame, stated, ‘India is a key market for Oriflame, and we are immensely grateful for the love and trust from our Indian consumers. Oriflame products sold in India are mostly produced locally, in our own factories creating not only employment opportunities and but contributing to the nation’s economic growth. Our plan to make 1 million brand partners micro entrepreneur in the next five years demonstrates our dedication to this vibrant market and we’re in it for the long haul. We are excited to continue this journey with our Indian community, promoting micro-entrepreneurship and supporting India’s vision of self-reliance.’

Oriflame offers a two-fold opportunity- individuals can either become brand partners to build their own businesses or join as VIP members to enjoy products directly from the website. In both scenarios, consumers gain access to the brand’s iconic, globally acclaimed products, all formulated with the highest quality standards and adherence to responsible and sustainable practices. Notably, Oriflame has been recognised as a Climate Champion in Europe for four consecutive years which states the company’s devotion to the environment and its people.

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