On the occasion of World Cancer Day, a cancer awareness program was organized by ‘Indian Cancer Society, Kolkata’

World Cancer Day

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, a cancer awareness program was organized by ‘Indian Cancer Society, Kolkata’. Dr. Arunabha Sengupta, Secretary of ‘Indian Cancer Society’, participated in this event and gave an important speech. Dr. Manoj Khanna and Arun Lal were present as special guests. Arun Lal launched a mobile app called ‘Rise Against Cancer’. Cancer awareness film Leaving On A Jet Plane was screened on this occasion. Cancer survivor Abhradip Ghatak’s film Leaving On A Jet Plane is directed by Padmaparna Mukherjee. ‘Rise Against Cancer Rally’ was organized on this occasion. 

Indian Cancer Society (ICS), the largest anti-cancer NGO in the country, has launched many initiatives in the last 7 decades of its existence, creating awareness and prevention of cancer, mitigating risk factors, encouraging regular screening and early detection, providing financial assistance for treatment, and managing life post -treatment, It also provides data through cancer registry services and published the Indian Journal of Cancer. ICS’s mission is to reach 50% of the total adult population in the next 10 years with right information and counselling about cancer and ipso facto its early detection leading to its cure.

This Day, as part of the World Cancer Day Celebration, ICS announced the national launch of its ground-breaking multilingual mobile application, ‘Rise Against Cancer’ dedicated to empowering individuals and communities in overcoming the scourge of cancer.  Mrs. Usha Thorat, National Managing Trustee, Indian Cancer Society said, ‘Cancer continues to be a global health challenge, affecting millions of lives in India and worldwide. The Delhi branch of ICS took the initiative of harnessing the power of mobile usage to provide a mobile application for providing comprehensive information and guidance to individuals impacted by cancer, and their families.’

Mrs. Jyotsna Govil, Chairperson, ICS, Delhi Branch, said, ‘Based on certain insights from the community requirements and need of the hour, ICS has developed this mobile application and believes that Rise against Cancer app will help anyone affected by cancer, enabling them to take control of their health. The app has various sections including an information hub, resource library, events, community and other support groups plus a news and updates section. It is available in 5 languages for 4 cancer types at this stage.‘ Dr Arunabha Sengupta, Secy ICS Kolkata said, ‘Medical knowledge about cancer prevention and treatment has reached a stage where most cancers prevalent in our country can be prevented or cured through early detection and treatment but most people cannot take that advantage because of lack of information. This App will help people by supplying relevant formation at their fingertips. That is why ICS Kolkata has made effort to add educative videos in Bengali in this App and will continue to add on that.’  

World Cancer Day: In an international meet in Paris on 4th February, 2000, under the leadership of International Union Against Cancer all countries took a pledge to work jointly to mitigate the growing problem of cancer destroying human lives across the globe because of its capacity to cause extreme suffering and death. That pledge is renewed every year by celebrating WORLD CANCER DAY on 4th February across the world based on a theme or slogan that highlights a particular area of concern in the fifth against cancer. Taking note that great many patients cannot afford or access the modern costly cancer treatment causing disparities in cancer care between different patient groups belonging to diverse socio economic and even geographical back grounds, the theme CLOSE THE CARE GAP has been chosen for a three-year period of 2022-2024.  On this occasion, Globally international organizations and governments engage to plan for future initiatives while locally health activists, cancer care workers from hospitals and voluntary societies organize events to spread awareness messages

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