On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ‘Sri Ganesh Jyotish Kendra’, a cultural program is going to be organized at Salkia, Howrah on Sunday, April 21,2024

10th anniversary of 'Sri Ganesh Jyotish Kendra',

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of ‘Sri Ganesh Jyotish Kendra’, a cultural program is going to be organized at Salkia, Howrah on Sunday, April 21, 2024. Dance and song performances will be performed by artistes and discussion sessions on astrology will be held. Also, distinguished people will be honored. 

On Wednesday, April 17, a press conference was organized at the office of ‘Sri Ganesh Jyotish Kendra’ at Salkia, Howrah. In that press conference, Dr. Neeladri Narayan Bose, Vedic astrologer, owner of ‘Sri Ganesh Jyotish Kendra’ informed the journalists about organizing cultural program on 21st April.

Dr. Niladri Narayan Basu said, ‘Our goal is to give opportunities to local artists and develop the talent of new artists. We are going to organize this cultural event to support those artistes who are struggling to get established. An international standard stage will be constructed for the ‘Amardeep Sab Peyechhir Aasar’ ground at Benares Road area of Salkia. I think that performing on this stage will increase the self-confidence of artists.’

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