‘Neurosurgeoner Diary’ – A Riveting Collection of Extraordinary Medical Stories.

Dr Amitabha Chanda has accumulated over 35 years of medical experience. His book, Neurosurgeoner Diary, is a gripping compilation of remarkable and unexpected cases encountered throughout his illustrious career. Dr Chanda is known for the innovative approach of operating brain tumours on patients while they remain conscious.

In a society where the terms ‘brain tumour’ and ‘spine surgery’ often evoke fear and uncertainty, Dr Chanda’s book seeks to provide insight into the remarkable progress made in neurosurgical procedures. The narrative showcases how advancements in medical science have transformed once-incurable neurosurgical conditions into treatable cases.

Neurosurgeon Dr Amitabha Chanda said, ‘Neurosurgeoner Diary is not an autobiography. I have tried to pen some of the unique experiences I have gathered in my career as a Neurosurgeon in this book. Becoming a Neurosurgeon was not an easy decision as there were hurdles aplenty; but now when I see that today, people from South India and Mumbai come to Kolkata to get themselves treated by me, I feel I must have done something right. There are many misconceptions around Neurosurgery like once the patient is transferred to ventilation, chances of getting back to normalcy becomes null, but that is absolutely baseless. Through this book, I want to share with my readers answers to the various queries they have regarding neurosurgery. I feel that these stories will increase courage and morale in many people. There are many difficult situations in life when it is possible to defeat the demon of illness by serving, loving, and standing by close relatives. These stories will reassure the reader to overcome difficult situations and return to normal life.’ 

Deep Prakashan, launched ‘Neurosurgeoner Diary’ written by Dr Amitabha Chanda, a trailblazer in ‘Awake Brain Surgery’ in Eastern India and Bangladesh. The book was launched by distinguished guests-author Shri Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay, renowned doctor and professor Shri Sukumar Mukherjee and famous actor Shri Chiranjeet Chakrabarti.

Proprietor of Deep Prakashan Mr Shankar Mondal said, ‘We are glad to release Neurosurgeoner Diary from Deep Prakashan, that features Dr Amitabha Chanda’s radical narratives. When Dr Chanda narrated the real-life incidents that he has experienced, I had then and there decided to publish a book on this subject as nothing much on this is written about. This book stands not only as a literary piece of work but as a beacon of hope, bridging the realms of medical practices and compassionate storytelling. Neurosurgeoner Diary is a testament to our commitment at Deep Prakashan to bring impactful narratives that inspire, inform and foster understanding for our readers.’

Dr Amitabha Chanda’s Neurosurgeoner Diary is not merely a collection of medical anecdotes; it is an effort to inspire hope in the families of patients facing neurosurgical challenges. By dispelling prevalent misconceptions and presenting true, awe-inspiring accounts, the book aims to bridge the gap between medical science and public understanding.

Neurosurgeoner Diary, published by Deep Prakashan and priced at Rs 250/-, will be available in the forthcoming International Kolkata Book Fair and across retail book shops and online platforms.

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