GenAI platform ‘Hanooman’ enters into strategic partnership with 3AI Holding

GenAI platform Hanooman enters into strategic partnership with 3AI Holding;

3AI Holding Limited, a global AI investment firm from Abu Dhabi, that invests in AI infrastructure and AI foundational companies, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with SML India, allowing them to jointly own ‘Hanooman’, India’s largest and most affordable, accessible, and attainable multilingual GenAI platform. Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare (SML) introduced ‘Hanooman’ in Feb this year in NASSCOM’s NTLF Techade conference. 3AI Holding’s homegrown proprietary patent pending Omega generative AI will make ‘Hanooman’, bigger and more powerful, which is set to launch on May 01, 2024.

With the newly formed strategic partnership between 3AI Holding and SML, ‘Hanooman’ aims to reach 200 million users in 22 Indian languages within the first year from the day of its launch. India’s 142 crore population has 80% non-English speaking.

‘Hanooman’ will empower everyone and will be within the reach of masses by coming up with local languages. It will be jointly owned by both parties, each holding a 50% share. With this joint venture, Hanooman will offer its multimodal and multilingual capabilities, including Text, Voice, Image and Code to its users. Through this joint collaboration, ‘Hanooman’, a foundational model built in India for India, will create a generative AI ecosystem for the world, enabling budding generative AI platforms to build their applications. It will also be offering the platform to startups and incubate them along with NASSCOM to ensure that Generative AI space thrives and India gets the required boost to lead this space. With its multilingual capabilities and collaboration with NASSCOM, ‘Hanooman’ aims to benefit both end users and corporations.

SML India and 3AI Holding believe in the fundamental mission of ‘AI for All’, and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the two companies is a testimony to this commitment by democratizing the generative AI space for the Indian masses, under the brand name of ‘Hanooman’. This comes at a time when global generative AI companies are eyeing India, making it one of the critical markets for the development and consumption of AI products.

Speaking on the collaboration, Arjun Prasad, Managing Director, 3AI Holding, said, ‘We are committed to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation to enhance human well-being and societal development. The partnership with SML to power ‘Hanooman’, is a step towards our shared vision to provide equitable AI access to the Indian masses. We are focusing on catering to a diverse range of users through our advanced multilingual text capabilities. This collaboration is aligned with our vision of bridging the gap between India and Bharat. We are driven towards making AI inclusive and accessible to everyone in a language of their choice, reaching the remotest corners of the country.’

Dr. Vishnu Vardhan, Co-Founder & CEO, SML India, said, ‘We are excited to partner with 3AI Holding to introduce a more advanced avatar of ‘Hanooman,’ which will revolutionize how Indians interact with technology. With this strategic partnership, we aim to reach 200 million users in 22 Indian languages within 12 months. 3AI Holding’s proprietary, patent-pending Omega generative AI will further help us expand our reach to the masses in a way that has never been possible before. This will make India a pioneer in the adoption and usage of AI, benefiting a vast majority of people in our country. This collaboration underscores our commitment to India by delivering advanced AI solutions for the Indian masses with application across industries like healthcare, legal services, and education, among others.” Dr Vishnuvardhan, MIT alumni has many research projects and collaborations with IITB, MIT, OSU, UIUC and other eminent academic institutes of India and across the world.

Led by Arjun Prasad, a serial entrepreneur, 3AI Holding Limited, an Abu Dhabi based investment firm, is developing the next advanced version of Omega with 665 billion parameters and 20 trillion tokens that will compete with global generative AI platforms. 3AI is backed by the Patel Family Office, a third generation family office from the United States. 3AI Holding Limited recently launched Ask QX, a generative AI platform available in 100+ global languages and 12 Indian languages with 372 billion parameters, garnering more than 14 million users in the first 2 months of its launch.  

Founded by Indian founders, SML India is India’s pioneer and one of the first globally to develop multilingual LLMS. Its groundbreaking work includes building India’s first full-stack, enterprise-ready Gen AI models, setting a new benchmark in the Gen AI industry.

This joint venture embarks new era of repatriation of technology and talent and both Dr. Vishnu Vardhan, MIT alumnus and Arjun Prasad based out of Abu Dhabi are leading by example. This venture clearly indicates very promising reverse brain drain and holding and settling new talent within the country taking India to its technology prowess positioning. Both the founders were pretty confident that this is the definitive step in unlocking Trillion dollar economy potential from Generative AI for the country.

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