DUROPLY celebrates 68th year of excellence and legacy in plywood manufacturing

DUROPLY celebrates 68th year of excellence and legacy in plywood manufacturing

Kolkata : Duroply, India’s premium and most experienced among the leading plywood companies, proudly celebrates 68th year of Excellence and Legacy in plywood manufacturing. Reaching this milestone signifies decades of commitment to customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation.

Duroply has celebrated the momentous day with its key stakeholders, its esteemed customers, employees, dealers, contractors and carpenters. The Company organized programs to felicitate its key stakeholders at all its 16 branches across India. 

Akhilesh Chitlangia, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Duroply, said, ‘We are humbled to be in the service of the nation in our quest to adorn the interiors of our customers’ homes and offices with block boards, plywood, veneers, and doors that last generations. The legacy of our thrust on customer satisfaction has enabled us to imbibe a culture of innovation at Duroply which ensures that we identify the need of our customers, and develop a product fulfilling that need. Our manufacturing processes are aligned to make products that set the benchmark of quality in the industry. Our deep relationship with industry stakeholders: architects, interior designers, and dealers across India is a testimony of our commitment to nurturing relationships and building a supportive community to grow the sector wholesomely.’

Duroply organized events at all its 16 branches across India to mark the occasion. The Company recognized the role of its dealers, contractors, and carpenters in the event. 

Present in over 26 states and union territories, Duroply has deep relationship with over 4,000 architects and interior designers, and over 12,000 carpenters and contractors network. With more than 450 design options across India, 180 plus Duro experts educate the customers on the importance of buying branded plywood across India every day. 

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