Clinisys ramps hiring in India by over 50%, creating opportunities for skilled professionals to showcase their expertise

Clinisys India

Clinisys, a global leader of intelligent diagnostic informatics solutions, announces its plan to ramp up hiring in India by over 50% in 2024 calendar year to support its 3,500+ lab customers around the world and further expand its global operations. The organization has elevated Karthik Reddy, as the new Vice President to lead its technology front in India.

Clinisys has consolidated its market position through strategic acquisitions and aggressive pursuit of its vision to move to cloud computing. Over the last two decades, the organization has grown its global operations and expanded its workforce in India across technology and other business services segments. Focused on enriching its dynamic, globally connected workforce which operates in offices across 10 countries including India, Clinisys recognizes the significance of its goal to add over 50% of its workforce from India in 2024. These professionals will support Clinisys’ pioneering lab informatics products and cloud transition initiative.

As Vice President of Clinisys India, Karthik will be responsible for leading all aspects of the Clinisys India development expansion, including partnering with cross-functional teams to increase overall product delivery efficiencies, grow lab expertise locally, drive innovation and enhance customer support response time. Karthik will also provide leadership around organization structure, budget controls, recruiting, training, and other business imperatives within Clinisys India. Karthik has been a senior healthcare technology, product and operations leader in North America for the last 12 years and has relocated to Bangalore with his family to lead India operations.

‘As the global leader in lab informatics, with over 40 years’ domain experience, Clinisys has a clear strategy to create and deliver the next evolution of cloud-based laboratory solutions. To deliver our plans at the appropriate velocity and scale, expanding our workforce in India is the obvious decision. The next evolution of the Clinisys Laboratory Solutions will unite the laboratory industry, facilitate change, and help enable healthier and safer communities.’ said Clinisys CEO Michael Simpson.

Karthik Reddy, VP, Clinisys India adds, ‘I am excited to be leading our Clinisys India team as we accelerate growing talented and diverse technology professionals at all levels. Our global footprint as a software leader in the lab informatics space offers our team members first-hand experience in the latest tech stacks and the ability to grow domain expertise across multiple countries and continents. Our expansion in India will offer many interesting, complex and mission critical endeavours both in our cloud transformation and in our cutting-edge discipline software products. Clinisys India offers a collaborative learning environment, an incredibly fulfilling domain to work in, an opportunity to work with the best and brightest tech talent and ultimately a hugely rewarding career with tremendous growth potential.

As an organisation, we will continue to invest in expanding our workforce in India and nurture our tech talent by providing the right opportunities. Our talent acquisition strategy will pursue a balanced mix of freshers and experienced professionals which effectively means we will be recruiting 40% freshers and remaining 60% positions will be experienced and senior positions with a proven technology background.’

Clinisys is also pleased to announce that it has recently won a ‘Silver’ award in ‘Best Digital Application in Diagnostics’ category at 3rd edition of IHW Digital Health Summit & Awards 2024, organized by Integrated Health & Wellbeing Council of India.

Clinisys recognizes the essential contribution global professionals bring to its mission as it continues to develop and deliver the next evolution of laboratory informatics.

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