Badal Sarkar’s short film ‘Parijayee’ released on YouTube channel

short film ‘Parijayee’

Men often have to leave their homes and their families to move to other cities or countries for work or business needs. In the same way, a woman leaves her family and relatives after marriage to her in-laws’ house. So in this case both men and women are migrants. 

Sukumar, the male protagonist of the film, returns home with gifts for his family with his entire month’s income. There, the film’s central character Jayeeta sacrificed herself for her father-in-law, mother-in-law, husband, sister-in-law and brother-in-laws but was subjected to mental and physical torture. When he could not bear it and wanted to return to his father’s house, but her brother and wife of brother told her to go back to her in-laws. Jayeeta goes to commit suicide. At that time, an old beggar reminded her, the power of women and saved Jayeeta.  

Badal Sarkar made a short film titled ‘Parijayee’ based on such a story. In a recent press conference organized at the Kolkata Press Club, the director said that, this film will be seen on the YouTube channel of ‘Voice Tech Studio’. Director said, duration of the film is 30 minutes. 

The story is written by Badal Sarkar himself. Screenplay written by Partha Chakraborty. Starring Sushmita Dey, Dipankar Majumder and Anand Chakraborty.  

It is seventh short film of director Badal Sarkar. He said that he tries to give a new message to the society in every film. He also said in the press conference that his next film is about third gender people. In that film too, he will highlight the problems of third gender people.

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