A thoughtful presentation and get fashion-ready for romantic day

‘Hugs’ collection

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Kolkata gears up for some of the trendiest fashions gifting items for loved ones on this occasion. From a romantic date to showering love to your parents the definition of Valentine’s Day has changed! This demands sophisticated elegance, cutting-edge fashion, and the greatest possible appearance! 

According to market experts such as Jewelers and fashionistas Valentine’s Day has evolved, which has helped it to become such a significant day on the commercial calendar. Marketing experts claim that the day has been pushed so that it is no longer just for couples and lovers.

Elaborating on the same, an official of Ferns and Petals said, ‘The market is driven by emotional needs, particularly on Valentine’s Day. This explains why the Valentine’s Day market is expanding so rapidly. We have witnessed kids in Kolkata presenting Valentine’s Day gifts to their grandparents and parents, and vice versa. This indicates that the market is expanding and the event has gotten more Indianized.’

Following this trend, Sawansukha Jewelers, an eight-generation legacy jewellery house based in Kolkata & Siliguri, has launched an emotional jewellery collection called ‘Hugs’. This is a limited edited collection of chic pendants that form the shape of a hug. Speaking about the launch of the ‘Hugs’ collection, Siddhartha Sawansukha, MD, Sawansukha Jewellers said, ‘Hugs’ is an emotional piece of jewellery made by Sawansukha, specially designed to highlight the bond and emotional connection between two individuals. The meticulously crafted pendants have two designs- one has the shape of two arms meeting together and other pendant has the shape of two people hugging each other.’ It is available in white, yellow & rose gold and studded with the finest quality diamonds.

On the other hand, Indian-British Entrepreneur, Roshni Mukherjee owner of Myosutra which specializes in handloom of Bengal has come up with a new Valentine’s Day collection. The line is a red sequin sharee that can be adorned not only for the Valentine’s Day celebration, but also for any party occasion. Mukherjee, CEO of Myosutra said, ‘The color red has historically been celebrated as the color of love and passion and this new line is only to focus on the celebration of love and the handloom is chosen based on the season and conform of the person wearing it.’

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