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Article about Digital transaction

A day may come when digital will become the only medium of transaction. So learn to use digital methods as soon as possible.

As engagement grows, so does the need for digital. Of course, the necessity of digital is not to be denied. Because sitting at home or workplace, there is an opportunity to do transactions or buy everything as quickly as you want through digital method. The digital approach will give you more benefits than an entire shopping mall. Apart from shopping for goods, all banking services will be available digitally. However, some knowledge and caution is necessary in this regard. 

How to take digital advantage?

• A smart phone or computer with internet access is required

• You will need an e-mail address. Through which you will get the facility of exchanging all the information and speech

• Download the app of the bank with which you want to do financial transactions or go through the website of that bank. In the case of buying goods, you have to enter the website of the specific brand in the same way

• Most websites will ask for your username and password and you will have to provide them. After this all information will be served in your e-mail

• You will have a user ID and password in that bank where you have an account, that specific ID and password should be used during digital transactions.

Online shopping is cheap and easy. If you want to do online shopping, you can check all the information through the websites of some of the leading online shopping brands like Amazon, Flip kart, Snap deal etc. and make a purchase decision. It has the facility to check the comparative price of different brands of goods. And if you want to buy things, you can pay online. That is, you can pay directly from your bank account or you can pay from Pay tm through mobile. 

A one-time password will be sent to your mobile while making all these payments. That password will confirm that you are a genuine bank customer and that you are actually using the bank account to make purchases. Not only this,after making the online payment, all the purchase details will be available immediately on your e-mail ID. If you want to give money to relatives or friends in an emergency, it can be done quickly and easily through internet banking. In this case the recipient’s name, account number, bank name, branch or IFSC code will be required.  If it is necessary to transfer money regularly with the recipient, then all the entries need not be made repeatedly.

Just go to the register index and select the recipient’s name. Then the OTP will be sent to your mobile and the amount will be transferred by entering the amount using that one-time password and touching the send option. You can do this money transfer anytime day or night (24 hours).

After demonetization, there is less cash on hand. So many people have to take advantage of digital payments. In this case money can be transferred by swiping your debit or credit card or through internet banking. Apart from this, you can also make payments to vegetable vendors, hotels, restaurants or cab companies easily through Pay tm. For this, you just have to keep money in your Pay tm account. But to avail this facility, you need to download Pay tm app on your smart phone.

Apart from this, you can use the digital option as a mode of payment for booking flights or railway tickets. All information about airlines, railway tickets or hotel bookings can be checked easily on websites like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo etc. You can also book movie tickets by clicking on Book My Show. You can also buy rice, wheat, sugar in ration digitally. You can buy vegetables or daily necessities digitally through Big Basket or Localbanya. In this case, you can take delivery of the goods at your desired time and at any address. You can also send anything as a gift to someone by paying online.

Delivery will be available within one to one and a half hours. Fresh vegetables, fish and meat are all available digitally and can be delivered at home. In this case, there is the facility of payment even after delivery of goods.

You can check everything by visiting websites like Bank Bazaar, Deal for Loans, Policy Bazaar etc. Or you can download all these apps and avail the service. You can get a loan through all those apps without going to the bank to take a personal loan. Besides, you can also take advantage of keeping fixed or recurring deposits through those apps. You can also invest in the stock market in the same way. You can invest easily by opening a Demat account.

Many more such benefits can be availed through the digital approach to banking apps.

• If your smart phone set is lost, it can be misused by miscreants. In this case, make a diary to the local police station, asks the mobile phone company to lock the mobile phone as soon as possible. Take help of Cyber ​​Crime Branch if necessary

• If someone else knows your transaction password, change your password immediately. When using a debit or credit card PIN, Protect privacy. Try to hide the PIN with your body and hands. If you feel unsafe, change the PIN later.

• Be careful during online transactions. Read and understand all terms and conditions before making a purchase

• Do not open unknown websites or don’t download unknown apps. All the information of your mobile phone can be hacked.

Right Click is Disable for Security Purpose