50th Years Pre Golden Jubilee Celebration of ‘Commercial Taxes Directorate Officers Association’ was held at Mahajati Sadan, Kolkata

'Commercial Taxes Directorate Officers Association'

‘Commercial Taxes Directorate Officers Association’ held 50 Years Pre Golden Jubilee Celebration at Mahajati Sadan at Kolkata. According to a press release, the revenue department under the finance ministry of the West Bengal government collects two-thirds of the state’s revenue. In the financial year 2023-24, the ‘State Goods and Services Tax Department’ has collected an annual revenue of Rs 60,617 crore.

A short film was screened in the second half of the association’s program. This short film produced by the association showcases the work of departmental officers and staff. Special Commissioner Chandana Mitra told reporters in this regard, ‘The sample of our work has been presented very nicely in this short film.  It is great to know that everyone is appreciating our work after watching the short film.

Chandana Mitra (President of CTDOA), Deviprasad Karman (IAS, Commissioner of Commercial Taxes), Naskin Box (Assistant Commissioner) and senior officers of the division were present at the 50th Years Pre Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Association.

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