2,250 Students From 75 Schools Have Registered For The 11th Grand Finale Of Spell-a-Thon Olympiads 2024

Spell-a-Thon Olympiads 2024

Kolkata : Spell-a-Thon Olympiads (MyCoolQ.com) and GradesUp.in hosted ‘EngageXperts PRINCIPALly yours!‘, an informative panel discussion dedicated to fostering academic excellence and innovative educational practices. It was a landmark occasion where a diverse group of educational leaders from Kolkata and neighboring districts congregated. In all, over 110 Heads of Schools participated, contributing to a rich exchange of ideas and experiences. The session featured esteemed speakers who, with their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in the field of education provided invaluable insights and knowledge to all attendees.

MYCOOLQ.COM recently introduced the SPELL-A-THON OLYMPIADS to schools in Kolkata, with mentorship from IIM Bangalore. They announced a collaboration with GradesUp.in, a mobile app offering multiple-choice questions for English language practice. This app, designed for students from Class 1 to 12, provided content closely aligned with the curriculum, helping students in self-assessment and enhancing their language skills.

This session was aimed to reach out to students through the SPELL-A-THON OLYMPIADS ENGLISH VOCABULARY COMPETITIONS, with GRADESUP.IN as the practice partner. The focus was on integrating English education with technology to create an effective, engaging, and enjoyable learning experience. They aimed for faster and more effective outreach to parents and students through schools, striving to make a positive impact on English learners in the shortest possible time.

‘Lack of English vocabulary skills in schools, specially in vernacular medium ones, is affecting employability of students. This is a critical issue for the economic growth of India in the global perspective. She further emphasized on skills in regional languages since mother tongue cannot be neglected. The next step can be to enter the domain of regional languages in a region specific manner.” said Janaki Venkatramani, Founder of Spell-a-Thon Olympiads.

Last year, 52 schools participated, and this year, the number has increased to 75. A total of 2,250 students have already registered for the 11th Grand Finale and Single Round Open Competition 2024 of the Spell-a-Thon Olympiads, scheduled for July 6, 2024, at Gokhale Memorial Girls’ School in Kolkata. A mega day-long event is anticipated.

This session was aimed to engage participants in a competitive English vocabulary and language-based objective competition. The questions were designed to promote independent critical thinking and language skills in children from KG to Class XII.

Key organisers of the session included Anjana Mallick, Academic Advisor for Spell-a-Thon Olympiads who delivered the welcome address, Janaki Venkatramani, Founder of Spell-a-Thon Olympiads, presented insights into the latest educational strategies, and shared her expertise and vision for the future of education, setting the tone for the session  & Harish Krishnan, Founder of GradesUp.in and a renowned Tech Entrepreneur, the mastermind behind the GradesUp.in Technology Platform, highlighted the intersection of technology and education in his address.

The session was graced by distinguished guests of honour including Dr. Maria Fernandes, Vice Chairperson of the WB Commission for Women and Vice President of the AITC State Minority Committee, Prof. Shabina N Omar, Officer on Special Duty at the Higher Education Department, Government Of West Bengal; Imran Zaki, an educational and social entrepreneur; Prof. Dr. Hema Swaminathan from IIM-B and the Asian Development Bank in Manila & Rajendra Singh. These distinguished guests who are renowned for their contributions to the education sector shared their invaluable insights during the session.

The session also featured insights from esteemed educationists such as Dr. Suman Kumar Mukerjee, Director General of The Bhawanipore Education Society College, Sanghamitra Mukherjee of Gokhale Memorial Girls’ High School, Mittra Sinha Roy, Former Principal of Adamas International School, Suman Sood, Director of B D Memorial Junior School, Trustee of Indus Valley World School and Advisor to MCKV and South City International School & Suchandra Bhattacharjee, an IELTS Trainer associated with the British Council. These mentors and domain experts also shared their profound knowledge and experience, enriching the session with their wisdom gathered over decades as academicians.

‘EngageXperts PRINCIPALly yours! feature interactive discussions with leading educationists, principals, and technology experts. Participants had the opportunity to engage in workshops focusing on innovative teaching methodologies, digital learning tools, and student engagement techniques’, said Anjana Mallick, Academic Advisor for Spell-a-Thon Olympiads.

“The session today offered valuable networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with education leaders, principals, and academicians from across the country. One of the highlights of the session was the launch of MCQ FUN FIESTA 2024, a unique competition for teachers”, said Mr. Harish Krishnan, Founder of GradesUp.in and a renowned Tech Entrepreneur.

Attendees could also be a part of exclusive announcements about upcoming initiatives by Spell-a-Thon Olympiads and GradesUp.in. The session culminated in the recognition and celebration of outstanding contributions to education with special awards and accolades, including the coveted Governor of West Bengal Awards for Teachers. The session successfully concluded with engagement of participants in a competitive English vocabulary and language-based objective competition, with questions designed to promote independent critical thinking and language skills in children from KG to Class XII. The session enjoyed the prestigious mentorship of IIM Bangalore, with attractive certificates bearing the IIM Bangalore name as mentors, along with trophies, medals, and cash awards for champions at the Grand Finale Round, adding motivation and value for students. SPELL-A-THON OLYMPIADS did not prescribe any structured curriculum or syllabus; instead, they tested children on concepts expected at their particular age group or class level, opposing rote learning and promoting genuine learning and application of knowledge and skills. The collaboration with GradesUp.in and the launch of the app significantly enhanced the efforts and endeavors of SPELL-A-THON OLYMPIADS.

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